Chinese Poker is a more exciting version of Pai Gow. If you have a deck of 52 cards and nothing to do, Chinese Poker is the way to go. That, or you can play casino. Either choice is a good one. Visit if you’re a casino guy and continue reading if you’re a chines poker pai gow guy.The rules for Chinese Poker are quite simple. All you really need to know is the poker-hand ranking.Each player gets 13 cards from a 52-deck card at the start. With these cards the players then create three separate poker hands – two hands containing five cards (back and middle hand) and one containing three cards (the front).The strongest of the lot is the back hand, which is followed by the middle hand, and then the front hand. A possible hand could be: Back hand, full house; middle hand, straight; front hand, pair.When all players have put their cards on the table, the player left of the dealer starts showing his cards, followed by the other players.Each player will then get one point from the player that he beats with the back, middle or front hand. There are several rules on scoring points in Chinese Poker. But if you win all three hands, you will often get a bonus, which is called a scoop. This is awarded three extra points. The value allotted to each point is based on the game and how much the players assign to it.Bonuses, which are also called royalties, can be given to players with a solid hand. This must be declared before the showdown occurs. Bonuses are given to players with a straight flush, four of a kind, full house and three of a kind. Some hand combinations like three straights or three flushes, six pairs or those with thirteen unique cards.